About my art

The real creative is not limited and never stop experimenting. Thus, in Saška's images we find different designs and artistic styles - from portraits and landscapes to imaginative abstraction. All works have a personal touch and a dark quality. Most of the images shows a magical world where there is a junction fantastic and realistic images. Realistic portrait and some of the faces and figures are what we as viewers read the first from picture, on the other hand have a fantastic image, the viewer leaves the open and sometimes very personal interpretation. Featured motives often resemble scenes of nightmares, a popular starting point for creating a romantic painters. Present are the crowd dissolving the bodies that move into a disembodied and resemble ghosts or even discarded souls. Saška has developed its own unique dark style, even though the viewer at first sight frightened, not depressive, but intrigued and pulled into the magical world of uncertainty, which may not be pleasant, but we find it somehow familiar. Because it does not differ much from the outside world, which we call reality - both of which are often fraught with uncertainty and human fears. The difference is that Saška's apocalyptic world is a much more honest, because negative feelings do not push and do not hide but be served thereby liberating.

writen by Eva Kovač

I have graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of "St. Cyril and Metodious"  Skopje,  Macedonija.

Today I live and work in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Kontakt: saska@mitrov.eu

1990 Gallery "Kora", Skopje, Makedonija, solo exhibition together with Dime Temkov.
1999 - 2004 Association of art pedagogs, City Museum Skopje, Makedonija,group exhibition.
2002 Nacional Gallery Sofia, Bugaria, group exhibition.
2003 City Museum, Skopje, Makedonia, group exhibition.
2009 Galerry DLUM, Maribor, Slovenia, group exhibition.
2010 City Muzej Skopje, Makedonija, group exhibition.
2010 Koroška art Gallery, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia, group exhibition.
2012 Gallery Celica, Ljubljana, Slovenia, group exhibition.
2013 Gallery Prostor, Ljubljana, Slovenia, solo exhibition.
2013 Gallery SDK, Tolmin, Slovenia, solo exhibition.